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Another story from The Sun, to do with the weather again. There is also a fuller write-up in The Telegraph:

Look how slick the road is with ice, and the locals had warned the driver not to try and move the car. People could hardly keep their footing on the pavements. This is why… a video taken in Paignton, Devon.

Again, it reminds me of those dickheads who advocate going out in really bad weather to teach pupils, no matter what. At some point conditions become such that skidding avoidance is impossible (unless you just stay indoors).

Mind you, once again the decision to hold back on any road treatment by the local authorities has to be questioned (by the time this happened, the temperature had been at or below freezing for over a week).

Incidentally, don’t forget to have a look at the Ice-dancing Seat On A Hill video I have posted.

And don’t forget the Worst Parking Ever (Cars Remix) video, also on this site.

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