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I saw this story in The Sun (online) today – the YouTube video is actually titled ” Worst Woman Driver I Have Ever Seen “:

She takes 4½ minutes to park – on yellow lines and in a taxi rank – in a space which is easily big enough to drive forwards into in a single smooth movement. She then reverses backwards and forwards without actually getting any closer to the kerb – in fact, she gets further away and causes an obstruction on the main road. Even when she does get the back wheels closer to the kerb, she’s too stupid to turn the steering wheel and bring the front in. She finally gets it almost (but not quite) straight.

This apparently took place in Coventry and was filmed by student Ian Kane from his student digs overlooking the road.

According to the article, the clip is being used by driving instructors as a lesson in how NOT to park. The woman has never been identified. Well, that would be like looking for a needle in a haystack :-D

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