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Such as, why is it that men with complexions out of a Tipp-Ex bottle and legs like baler-twine feel that they must wear shorts in hot weather?

Or why do women who take time to dress in appropriately light summer clothing then decide to wear Ugg boots as well?

Or why do people with the physique of Shrek, the income of John Paul Getty, and the driving skills of a chimpanzee decide that they have to buy BMW Z-series sports cars and drive them around on Saturdays?

Saw one of those this morning. It looked like the airbag had gone off and was driving the thing. At a small roundabout near me he was turning right, and with one lane closed due to road works it was a bottleneck. Of course, this didn’t stop him stopping for no reason at all (or rather, some reason best known to himself) and causing a hold up. Even when he drove off on to the 50mph slip road he was only doing around 25-30. Strangely for a BMW driver, he didn’t even exceed 50 when the limit changed to 70mph.

Weekend drivers are a law unto themselves!

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