Driving Test Routes Withdrawn

This is an old story. DVSA (then known as DSA) used to publish complete test routes for all parts of the UK. However, they ceased publication of the routes from 4 October 2010.

They were simply text directions, and to be honest I gave up after only a couple of attempts to follow them just after I qualified as an ADI, when I realised it was pointless. Any ADI who has a bit of experience can easily identify where examiners take their pupils and teach tricky elements on lessons accordingly. But there is absolutely no point trying to teach precise routes, since examiners can vary them to suit road conditions on the actual test.

As mentioned in the press release in the previous post, driving test routes are to be withdrawn. This BBC story repeats the press release, but I mention it because it is likely to link to further related stories as we approach October 4th. Already – since the press release – hits to the blog have risen dramatically for this topic.

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