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This has to be the lowest form of behaviour ever demonstrated by a politician, and it’s been done so late that I doubt it will damage his chances of winning the election (I wonder if his spin doctors did it deliberately?). But it should do.

Listening to the radio between lessons, I heard that David Cameron is touring Notts Primary Schools in a last-minute canvassing exercise. I’m sure there must be some vote-winning motive, because even Cameron must know that primary school children can’t vote. But their parents and teachers can, of course.

I heard a soundbite of him talking to the kids. I can’t find it anywhere at the moment, but if I can I’ll post it.

In it, he was telling the kids what the election was all about. This involved likening Gordon Brown to their headteacher, with final snidey comment and chuckle.

Didn’t Hitler do this sort of thing with kids in Germany in the 1930s?

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