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I recently posted a recipe for Pilau Rice which had been submitted by a reader (Peter, from Devon). Having tried it, it really does work well – much, much better than the method I’ve been using, and extremely close to what you buy from the takeaway.

Peter has also submitted another tip. I haven’t tried this one, but this is what he says:

I just came upon a great new marinade for a curry by accident – instead of using plain yoghurt as the “liquid” part of a spice/chilli/onion/ginger/garlic marinade…  I used a big splash of green ginger wine – result was fantastic.

The only drawbacks I can see to not using yoghurt is that the meat won’t be tenderised – that’s one of the purposes of yoghurt in marinades – in the same way, and the essential fat will be missing (so the meat might be drier). However, I would imagine ginger wine is still acidic enough to have some effect as a marinade, and if it tastes good who cares if it is the ‘classic’ way or not?

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