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I had to get up at 5.30am to pick up a pupil at 7am for an 8.20am test. I hate getting up early, but it is the best time to book tests so as not to disrupt the rest of my diary (although I finished at 10pm tonight, so it’s been a long day).

He passed first time with 7 driver faults, so well done AS.

Then I had a 12.30pm pickup for a 2.05pm test. This was an older pupil, and she was very nervous – she’d been sick this morning due to worry over the test. The thing was, she’s a great driver and the kind I’d put money on passing, but nothing I could say could persuade her that she stood a good chance of passing (it’s always the same, though).

And she did pass, with just 4 driver faults. Well done YC.

On top of all this I had the second lesson (8-10pm) with a new pupil who hadn’t driven before last Sunday, and he is going to be an absolute joy: he learns fast and he’s very pleasant. Plus he wants to pass as soon as possible and is taking 2 hour lessons several times a week.

I love days like these.

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