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An email alert from the DSA:

Changes to the ADI registration reminder

DSA’s process to remind you to renew your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration is about to change.

From May 2011, DSA will still aim to send you a renewal reminder letter six months before your registration expiry date, but won’t send you another one three months later. This is so that you only receive essential communication from the agency.

Please remember, it’s your responsibility to make sure you renew in time, although DSA will always aim to send you the reminder.

You’ll also need to give yourself enough time to apply for your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure. Your reminder letter will tell you how to do this.

If you’ve already received a six month reminder

If your six-month renewal reminder arrives before the beginning of May, you won’t be receiving another reminder three months later.

Manage your registration online

You can also manage your ADI registration and continuing professional development (CPD) through the Business Link website at businesslink.gov.uk/manageadi

It’s a perfect way to cut the administration burden and, therefore, unnecessary costs. Let’s see how the ADI community views it, though…

NOTE: I’ve provided information on how to renew your badge here.

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