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This one made me laugh. Nottingham City Council plans to get in on the act when the new careless driving laws come into force in July by having a mobile camera travel around trying to catch drivers in the act.

The article begins:

Road hogs, tailgaters, and those who perform U-turns on roads without warning put others at risk through their poor driving.

U-turns without warning? Perhaps the council has realised that its idiotic approach to road works and road closures is so frustrating to motorists that there is money to be had if it can therefore catch them trying to find alternative routes.

If it really wanted to make some money out of dangerous U-turns and other inconsiderate behaviour, all it would have to do is track every taxi in the city. They’d collect enough money to pay off the National Debt inside six weeks.

Nottingham City Council needs to get its priorities straight and sort out the mess it has caused by sanctioning unlimited road works first, before it starts trying to twist the knife further into the ribs of the motorist.

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