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If there was ever such a thing as criminal incompetence, the entire staff of both Nottingham City Council and NET (the idiots who run Nottingham’s tram) would be guilty of it.

I woke up this morning to find the city gridlocked. And I mean GRIDLOCKED. Traffic was at a standstill everywhere.

I had a 9am appointment at the Queens Medical Centre following a two-month Deliberate Delayswait for a GP referral slot. I tried to get there, but a journey which would normally have taken 10 minutes had to be aborted after only managing to travel less than 1 mile in 45 minutes. To make matters worse, when I called the NHS – which has to run the City Council and NET a close second for stupidity – I was told they couldn’t access my records without a password (so I couldn’t even tell them I was sorry that I couldn’t get in), and that this should have been provided with my referral letter from my GP. I explained I didn’t get a referral letter, and that the GP had done it directly, and was told that my surgery would be able to provide it. Of course, when I phoned my surgery the only person with access to the password system was stuck in the bloody traffic!

It turned out to be almost entirely the fault of tram works, which had “over run” – a euphemistic description for yet another total and incompetent balls up by NET workers.

This meant that University Boulevard – already down to one lane at the best of times – was closed. And it was topped off by some wanker over-turning their car on whatTemporary Lights for utilities works appears to have been a 30mph road (listening to the traffic reports) near Wilford. All of this was before, during, and after the rush hour.

I tried every possible route to get to the QMC, but gave up in the city centre. The gridlock extended as far south as Bunny on the A60. And the icing on the cake was that all the usual rat runs I know were also snarled up with people trying to bypass the mess – which in itself was made all the more worse by the numerous utilities road works which the idiot council has allowed to take place simultaneously both with each other and the tram works. As I’ve said previously, the tram works already involve numerous semi-permanent or long-term road closures. It took me nearly two hours to get back home again.

While we’re on the subject, I noticed several ambulances stuck also trying to get to A&E and the QMC. I hope anyone who was lying in the back considers suing the council and NET back to the Stone Age. And the police ought to be doing something about it now – it’s gone beyond a joke. It really is becoming a case of criminal stupidity.

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