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...  Association [BDA] Chair, has written an article about independent driving and people with dyslexia. The forthcoming change to all practical ...

...  noticed someone comment recently that the independent driving part of the driving test is pointless and a waste of time simply ...  driving home) or if we are actually attempting a test-like independent drive with a map or road signs. Now that my voice isn’t a trigger ...

...  BBC reports that from 27 June, candidates sitting the driving test in Northern Ireland will have to complete an independent driving section. The aim of this is to assess whether the ...

...  do it to them (although that hasn’t stopped other driving schools repeatedly getting in the way of my pupils – both on ...  If you search around on the web, you’ll find that some driving instructors have been stupid enough to try and identify the routes and ...

...  4 driver faults. The examiner told him at the end that his independent driving was fine. While I was in the test centre waiting (I don’t see any ...

...  email alert from the DSA: Independent driving introduced into tests next Monday  Independent driving will be introduced into the British driving test next ...

...  cannot believe how many hits I’m getting for “independent driving test routes” and “independent driving maps”. People ...

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