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I was out with a pupil last night (20/08/08 actually – I’ve been messing with the blog software) and we were driving in the left lane of a two lane road. Our lane became a bus lane after about 500 metres and I’d pointed out to the pupil that she should plan ahead because there were parked cars in it. Meanwhile I was watching this guy in a people-carrier who had been following us about 3 car lengths behind for the last quarter of a mile. As my pupil approached the bus lane merge I could see this idiot speed up just enough to prevent her from moving out. He had to break the speed limit to do it, since my pupil was doing exactly 30mph, but then he just sat alongside us. My pupil was obviously flustered and the instant the car twitched (obviously, I wasn’t going to let her have an accident) he sounded his horn. You could almost see the look of joy on his face – similar to what it must be like if you win the lottery. It was probably the highlight of his whole week sounding that horn at a learner.

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