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I brought the HoS back, as it’s easier to add to it than keep doing individual posts for everyone I see acting like a prat.

2017 Morons

FN08 OZMWhite Vauxhall Combo Van19/4/2017Ring Road, dangerous cut up across three lanes, speeding
KU54 WSYBlack Mercedes CLK27019/4/2017Wilford, dangerous cut up at traffic light junction (lives in those flats off Deane Road, it seems)
HN14 JCOWhite Renault Trafic Van19/4/2017Wilford, pointless and dangerous cut in at traffic lights
DN59 VXGBlack VW Golf18/4/2017Wilford, the old 'turn right in front of everyone' trick at traffic lights
KN10 ZVVBlack Corsa18/4/2017Bramcote, dangerous overtaking at a roundabout and speeding
FT62 AWGBlue VW Golf17/4/2017A453 Clifton Bridge, speeding and attempting to overtake on the left
AK63 NEORed Fiesta17/4/2017Hucknall Road, speeding, overtaking on the left, and dangerous cutting in
BN16 XDWDark Grey Audi TT10/4/2017St Anns, stopped literally in the middle of the road to complete an obviously questionable transaction involving a woman at the kerbside
M18 TOCWhite Nissan Juke10/4/2017Stopped on Colwick Roundabout whilst emerging from Retail Park, blocking traffic from all directions
BW15 EJUBlue Focus10/4/2017Sneinton, overtaking on the left side, speeding, and dangerous cutting up
KE52 HZABlue Corsa10/4/2017Sneinton, forcing way forward in queue, then cutting in at lights

Archived Morons

E14 KAYWhite VW2/2/2014Speeding and cutting up on Virgin Roundabout
NA02 WMOBlack Corsa2/2/2014Emerging from Showcase on to Ring Road into traffic without slowing
FL51 LKPWhite Minibus1/2/2014Stopped on a pedestrian crossing in Hyson Green to set down passengers
S20 OMMRed BMW31/1/2014Speeding and overtaking on the left on Middleton Boulevard
FM06 MLEBlue Mini9/1/2014Dangerous emerge in Ruddington and illegal right turn into Easthorpe Street
BG61 SVDSilver Focus9/1/2014In Clifton, cutting up on a merge, and dangerous lane changing
LP12 UBARed Evoque9/1/2014Dangerous overtaking on the left on Huntingdon Street, then a dangerous U-turn
AK11 AVZWhite VW Scirocco23/12/2013Using a left turn lane to turn right across everyone else on the Nottingham Knight Roundabout
GU11 DWESilver Golf9/12/2013Dangerous overtaking on the left approaching parked vehicles and speeding
W31 BYCBlack Peugeot 2078/12/2013Dangerous cut up in Colwick
FH13 RYRRed Mazda CX-58/12/2013Driving slowly and not moving on green lights on the Ring Road
YK06 PNURed Fiesta6/12/2013Not moving when lights turned green due to texting
FD13 DNYGrey Peugeot 2066/12/2013Last minute cut up on the Nottingham Knight Roundabout, then several more of the same as he negotiated his turn
KH06 AECBlack Renault Modus4/12/2013Dangerous emerge in Chilwell followed by extremely slow progress
FT12 NOHRed VW Move Up4/12/2013Dangerous lane changes on the Crown Island, cutting across four lanes of traffic twice
WJ09 KOGBrown Estate11/8/2013Emerging blindly on to roundabout in West Bridgford
C7 PATSilver Vauxhall9/8/2013Dangerous overtake and driving the wrong side of a pedestrian refuge in Clifton (I've noted this same reg. previously for dangerous behaviour)
PN58 OHTBlack Punto20/5/2013Illegal right turn into Easthorpe Street in Ruddington causing a hold up
BT02 LPVBlack BMW28/4/2013On Mansfield Road, speeding and dangerous cut up due to wrong lane choice
FE10 BYRBlack Citroen C426/4/2013On Haydn Road, dangerously shooting red lights after 5 seconds
S384 KBKSilver Vectra26/4/2013On Shakespeare Street, dangerous cut up from bus & taxi lane, then attempted overtaking of another car when turning right into Victoria Bus Station
YR52 SOJSilver Focus25/4/2013Dangerously switching lanes in a box junction in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Huntingdon Street
FL54 HYPSilver Corsa25/4/2013Turned into a No Entry road in Clifton, almost colliding with another car
FV51 LXRRed Vectra24/4/2013On the Nottingham Knight Roundabout, deliberate use of the wrong lane to get ahead, deliberate straddling of lanes to prevent anyone else moving, then cutting across dangerously
FG56 YPASilver Avensis24/4/2013Right turn cut up in Ruddington
Y734 VGEBlack Focus23/4/2013City Centre, stopped and blocked the road in order to turn left into a No Entry road when someone else was trying to emerge
PF56 AFXGrey VW Golf4/11/2012On the A610, caused a hold up by stopping to complete a U-turn where there is a sign prohibiting the manoeuvre
FN09 HFDBlue Astra14/10/2012Colwick Loop Road, elderly driver speeding and trying (badly) to overtake on the left
FE57 NVXSilver Kia Cee'd13/10/2012Illegal right turn into Easthorpe Street in Ruddington
FG05 NHMGrey Mazda 319/9/2012Nottingham Knight Roundabout, dangerous use of the wrong lane and cutting up a bus in the process
KN11 ZXXBlack BMW19/9/2012Sailed blindly across a mini-roundabout whilst texting - didn't see me at all
FG05 NCCBlue Corsa18/9/2012Victoria Retail Park, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up across four lanes of traffic
GP08 LMOBlack Lexus18/9/2012Nottingham Knight Roundabout, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up to move over. Speeding thereafter
YT04 LGEWhite Transit Lorry18/9/2012Wheatcroft Roundabout, dangerous cut up across lanes
EX02 CAURed Suzuki WagonR18/9/2012Clifton Bridge, speeding in a 40mph zone, then blocking the outer lane and driving at just under 50mph in the 70mph stretch
FD52 VGVCream Van17/9/2012Wrong way on a one-way street
DU56 WJFGrey Mercedes17/9/2012Dangerous cut up
BC03 TUWBlue Peugeot17/9/2012Crown Island, this guy actually stopped on the roundabout in order to move across three lanes of traffic
R9 PGHGreen Van9/9/2012Ring Road, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up, plus speeding
BK57 XYGSilver Ford Galaxy9/9/2012Dangerous cut up
S577 UGAGreen Astra9/9/2012Dangerous cut up
FD12 USXWhite Mini9/9/2012Nottingham Knight Roundabout, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up, plus speeding excessively
NG57 ENCGrey Citroen C49/9/2012Nottingham Knight Roundabout, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up
B20WNLWhite Audi A39/9/2012Dangerous cut up at traffic lights. And an illegal number plate
SN51 RHKSilver VW Golf9/9/2012Ring Road, dangerous cut up
FP53 YROSilver Citroen Picasso14/9/2012Wrong way round a mini-roundabout, speeding
YC12 XNNBlack Audi A414/9/2012Nuthall Road, dangerously cut across three lanes whilst using his mobile phone
YY03 EUZSilver Corsa14/9/2012Blocked a side road in order to use her phone, then reversed out into traffic. Had a passenger and an unsecured child in the car
P5 SANBlack VW Golf15/8/2012Manvers Street, dangerous overtaking on the left and cutting in
KN55 OFVGreen Citroen C43/6/2012Colwick Loop Road, dangerous overtaking and near-collision with oncoming van
WR12 GPUSilver Alfa Romeo2/6/2012Derby Road in Bramcote, 5 male occupants throwing bottles on to the roads
65 JBlue Audi1/6/2012Clifton, speeding excessively
AJ04 KHGBlack BMW31/5/2012Hucknall Road, speeding, using the wrong lane to overtake during rush hour, shooting a red light
E3 ARWRed Chrysler31/5/2012Huntingdon Street, wrong lane during rush hour, jumping lights and causing hold up while trying to cross over three lanes
P267 GALSilver VW Golf31/5/2012Wilford Lane, during rush hour, use of wrong lane to jump traffic, lane-hopping all the way into the city, almost colliding with another vehicle, speeding, overtaking on the left
W779 KAURed Hiace Van31/5/2012Nuthall Road, use of wrong lane and dangerous cut up

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