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This site is not a business site. It is a personal blog. Opinions herein are mine, so if you don’t like them just walk away.

The official GDPR wording should start something along the lines of “we respect your privacy”. Since I have no interest whatsoever in violating your privacy, there’s no need for me to emphasise it with off-the-shelf phrases.

This site does not routinely collect any personal data from you (the “reader”).

IP addresses, which are necessary for both the blog and the internet to function correctly, are logged by the security software specifically for security purposes. IP addresses can only be related to individual persons and addresses by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Technically, the site uses cookies to function properly, and the reader may choose to opt out of those at any time. However, cookies are only used by the blog software to manage logging in/out and commenting. Since the blog allows neither membership nor commenting, cookies are redundant as far as the reader is concerned.

There are no targeted ads generated by this site. The advertising banner to the right is a standard Google insert, and the content shown by it is decided by Google based on whatever Google decides the reader ought to see. If Google is targeting ads based on cookies or other data on the reader’s computer, this is between the reader and Google, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the redundant cookies generated by this blog. Other adverts are of my own choosing due to my affiliation with the Amazon Associates programme, and their content has nothing to do with your browsing habits.

For all practical purposes, the site is “read-only” and does not automatically harvest any data from readers or their computers other than IP addresses, as outlined above.

Readers may choose to contact me using the Contact Form. They do this under their own free will. No details are recorded by the blog software or held in any database. Any details submitted via the form become personal and go to my personal inbox. They are all deleted periodically once the conversation initiated by them has ended, and when I decide my inbox needs clearing out.

Readers may choose to “follow” the blog in any one of a number of ways under their own free will. They can “unfollow” at any time, also under their own free will. The “follow” relationship is between the reader and their chosen social media network – the blog has not triggered it, and the blog cannot therefore un-trigger it.

No data are ever passed on to third parties except where a criminal act is involved. Remember this: if you decide to be an arsehole by sending offensive emails or attempting unauthorised access, you have waived any rights you had under GDPR the rest of the time.

Although I do not have the ability to resolve an IP address to an individual, ISPs most certainly do, and I will not hesitate to report the IP address to the respective ISP of any arsehole who attempts the aforementioned unauthorised log ins or who sends abusive comments. After that, it’s between you and your ISP (and the Police, if your comments warrant it).

A similar thing goes for dashcam footage and stills – even though this does not really come under GDPR. I cannot identify individuals from the dashcam data. However, the Police can, so if there is video evidence of you behaving like a prat and you try to play the GDPR card, it will be between you and them – with the video footage I’ve passed on playing right on the table in the interview room as you try to weasel your way out of it.

If you’re not happy with any of this, go away and find somewhere else to play.

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