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I heard on the radio yesterday that PCS – the bunch of bananas responsible for the frequent driving examiner strikes over the last 18 months – has “joined” Aslef (the train drivers’ union) in deliberately orchestrating strikes (confirmation here) during the Olympics.

Can you imagine the kind of petty and ignorant minds required for this kind of deliberate disruption?

That question becomes more significant when you bear in mind that no more than 1 in 10 members voted for strikes. The call is purely down to PCS – an organisation which we know has nothing better to do than attempt to destroy the country.

Aslef – another throwback to the 70s – has already announced that IT is calling strikes during the Olympics.

So, UK Border staff and the train drivers are going on strike – at a time when loads of foreign visitors will be arriving for the Olympics and will want to travel while they are here. Sheer class.

The sooner unions are outlawed, the better our chances for improving national prosperity.

Of course, unions will never be banned outright. But let’s just hope that their “power” continues to decline, as it has done since the 70s. I know one thing, though. Once their power reaches absolute rock bottom, it’ll join any respect the nation holds for them.

They are a complete joke.

Footnote: The fact that the imbeciles called it off the day before the Olympics is irrelevant. Everyone out there should see them for what they are. They only called off the strike because they were offered a pound of flesh by a desperate government. It doesn’t alter what they are one bit.

And don’t think it will stop examiner strikes after the Olympics. The pound of flesh was only for the border staff.

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