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My last lesson tonight cancelled due to being unwell, so I finished early. It was actually quite useful, because on Friday the central heating packed in and a plumber is coming out tomorrow now we know it is the the boiler (Ouch! £££) and not the pump.

Very ColdAs I mentioned in the previous post, it was -9ºC again this morning. It never got higher than -2ºC all day (so much for the forecast high of 1ºC) and that was with full sunshine throughout.

At 3.30pm I frantically started looking around for a heater. Maplin do quartz halogen heaters, but they had sold out and had 1,000 on back order, but all were spoken for. Machine Mart had sold out. So had B&Q – although they did have some basic quartz heaters, which are just as effective (so I bought one: only cost £20).

Just as well, really. By 3.50pm the temperature was -6ºC.

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