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Well, I went to see Primal Scream last night – and this is what good rock and roll is all about! Great gig.

For such a small venue (Nottingham’s Rock City) they had a pretty substantial set, and the sound was typical of Rock City – raw! They covered most of their well-known songs (Country Girl was right at the end), but I don’t think there was one bad song in there all night. We stood near the stage-left speaker stack (I told my mate it was a bad idea, but he reckoned the sound would be worse in the middle). I think my ears were bleeding afterwards. Admittedly it was my idea to get near the stage, but I blame him for not wanting to get in the middle.

I didn’t take my camera, and the pictures I got using my mobile are absolutely crap. They made great use of strobes, and this didn’t help on the pix front, but it is a shame as this is one gig I’ll remember. Must take that damned camera next time: I keep getting the latest top-megapixel cameras then never use them.

Went for a curry afterwards and it was almost as rubbish as the one we had after the MGMT gig a few weeks ago. One of the people I was with tasted hers and immediately said ‘it tastes like soup’ – I was about to say the same thing! And the naan breads were the size of CDs (cost £2.50 each).We weren’t stupid enough to go to the same restaurant as before, but it definitely looks like Nottingham’s curry houses are using tinned soup these days and calling it ‘curry’. Oh, and they seem to have stopped using anything even resembling curry spices. Tasteless gunk!

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