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I had a day off today, and travelled down to Wiltshire to do a bit of shopping. Both going down, and coming back, there was one thing about many other drivers that was driving me nuts.

Why is it that – when on motorways or fast roads – other drivers feel the need to creep past you and then cut in just in front and slow down?

I lost count of the times it happened. In one particular case I was driving on the M69 doing a steady 70mph. In my mirror I could see this car in the distance and over a period of maybe 20 minutes it was either a constant distance behind or gaining on me very slowly. I was moving between the left and middle lanes as other traffic dictated, which is why I noticed him – and the M69 is a fairly quiet motorway whenever I’m on it. Eventually – and after having not moved from the middle lane at any point during his lengthy gain on me, even though he could have – he moved past, going a few miles per hour over the limit, and pulled in in front of me so that the gap was maybe a quarter of what it should have been at the speed we were travelling at, and slowed down! Behind me it was completely clear.

My only option for safety reasons was to slow down or move out.

How do they ever manage to pass their tests? Some of them shouldn’t be allowed to breed, let alone go out unsupervised in a car.

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