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Friday (yesterday) was the annual Children In Need Appeal Day run by the BBC.

One of my pupils today raised some money by having that part of his body normally hidden in his trousers waxed! But he hadn’t gone as far as his friend, who’d had a full body wax (including his nether regions). Apparently, my pupil paid £25 for his friend’s eyebrows to be waxed, too.

In case anyone hasn’t clicked, we’re talking hair removal here.

I told him the story of a girl I once knew. She had plucked her eyebrows completely out when she was younger (don’t ask me why: it was something I had never understood even when she told me). But they’d never grown back and she now had to paint them on (I think girls would probably call it something else, but ‘painting them on’ just about covers it).

He can’t wait to tell his friend.

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