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I’ve mentioned annoying TV ads before. There was the Alfa Romeo one, then the Audi one (and we all know how Audi drivers make you want to puke before they even get up in the morning, because the only reason they have an Audi is to go fast and drive dangerously), and the one for The Natural Confectionery Company.

This one from Heinz (for Tomato Soup) has just taken pole position. It consists of 30 seconds of sickening people (including kids) blowing with wet lips on spoonfuls of tomato soup.

I really cannot believe that people actually get off on seeing children playing with food (or even eating). But any advertisement to do with irritating noises – especially ones associated with food and involving kids – leaves me completely cold. How the hell is seeing a bunch of posers spitting on to tomato soup – a food which is right on the edge of palatability in the first place – going to make it sell more?

I just edited this to ad a new video player, and I had truly forgotten how annoying it really is. Heinz must have been crazy to approve it.

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