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I fully support the new independent driving element of the driving test. A lot of ADIs don’t – just as they don’t support anything else the DSA does.

I noticed on one forum yet another incoherent whinge about what’s wrong with the world and how it is all the DSA’s fault. Apparently, they don’t listen to ADIs. In full swing, the poster in question says:

Rosemary and the bloomin DSA are banging on about the new 10mins independent driving blah blah blah. Actually Rosemary– SOME ADI’S HAVING BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS!! ITS NOTHING NEW. DON’T CREDIT ADIS THOUGH WILL YOU? JUST AS LONG AS YOUR NAME KEEPS MAKING HEADLINE NEWS YEAH

This is exactly why the DSA apparently doesn’t listen – at least to some ADIs. It’s because they are talking crap.

This idiot misses the point entirely. Specifically:

  • a lot of ADIs haven’t been doing “this” for years
  • a lot of ADIs still aren’t doing it
  • no doubt, some ADIs will refuse to do it
  • to all of those that haven’t been doing it for years, “it” will be new
  • “it” hasn’t been tested for before, so anyone on test who couldn’t do “it” previously wouldn’t have been flagged as such
  • in the past, a huge number of substandard drivers have been taught by substandard ADIs who only taught them to pass the test and not how to drive in the real world

It’s also worth pointing out – especially in light of this further example of what ADIs often say and believe about themselves – that just saying you do something (or are good at it) doesn’t mean you actually do (or are).

All of this came about from the news story yesterday where there are renewed calls for 17-24 year olds to not be allowed to drive at night or carry passengers, and comparisons with systems used overseas.

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