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I’m messing with the templates again, trying to find one I really like. Nothing too gaudy, but that last one was just too minimal for what I really want (after a while, anyway).

I still like ‘minimal’, so I’m going with this one for a while to see how it goes.

I noticed when I was searching through the available WordPress templates that they are rated with up to 5 stars. ‘Ah. This should help find a good one’, I thought. No such luck!

You can see what kind of person rates these things. Templates like this one, or any professional-looking ones with no pretty pictures or gaudy colours? Three stars tops. Any template mentioning Hallowe’en, Christmas, puppies and kittens, or which has ugly, distracting pictures – pumpkins, Santa, etc. – in the background (and which obscure the text in many cases)? Five stars. I can feel my screen almost exploding as thousands of sad people are hammering away on the ‘rate it’ button!

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