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Knowing - PosterI saw a great film last night on one of the movie channels.

It’s from 2009, and it is called Knowing – starring Nicholas Cage. To be honest, the only reason I started watching it is because it had him in it. I’m not particularly “into” any specific modern actor or actress, but I do admire some of Mr Cage’s films – 8MM in particular, though most definitely NOT The Wicker Man (it was sacrilege to even think about improving on the original of that).

Anyway, Knowing seems to be one of a rush of films trying to capitalise on The Da Vinci Code principle (find some sort of code from the past, decipher it, make a movie around it). I haven’t watched The Da Vinci Code all the way through – it’s rubbish, and the original story by Dan Brown plagiarises a book I read years ago called The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail. What with 2012, and morons all over the world accepting it as fact (like they did with the Brown story), these “Code” films don’t do a lot for me.

In a nutshell, Knowing starts 50 years in the past. A group of schoolkids is asked to write letters to seal in a time capsule, and one troubled young girl just writes two sides full of numbers. When the capsule is opened in the modern day, the letters are passed out to kids at the school – and the one written by the girl ends up with Cage’s son (who is also troubled). Anyway, Cage sees it and recognises a particular date and incident (an event, and the number of people killed). He then goes on to identify a whole series of other dates, and recognises the accuracy of the death toll in each case… but then it moves into future dates, which also turn out to accurately predict various events and death tolls. He realises that other coded data reveals the locations of the events. Then there is the final date…

Mixed in with the events Cage is investigating are the mysterious strangers, who are not of this world… but precisely which type of “world” they are from is kept ambiguous.

There is not a happy ending.

It’s a great film, in my opinion – by “great” I mean great to watch. Good acting (by most), good special effects, and suspenseful storyline. Definitely worth a look.

I downloaded an HD copy from my favourite video download site for a very reasonable $3.00, and I was amused by some of the comments people had left (spelling as written by them):

“This movie really scared me. I believed in their thoery which there is a possible the can to do that. I’m not sure the terms they’re using but totally I believe in this one… theres one part of this movie it is so fictional, and made me laugh a little. I think the writter want to show that still despite of this big tragedy in our world we need to believe there are still hope on something because thats what we are we believe and hold on something to survive. But it is great. nice one.”


“Overall this movie is one big invitation to open your mind and consider a very different view on reality. The ending reminded me very much of the deeply inspiring channelings from Operation Terra. Please google this if you are prepared to challange your views on reality and if you want to discover the deeper dimensions of this filmographic masterpiece.”

If extraterrestrials (or deities) ever did decide to save some seeds of life from this planet and put them somewhere else, it is very clear which weeds they would probably not bother with!

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