Well, I NEARLY Made It Right!

Crab Meat White Hand Picked - 454g

I’ve mentioned this topic before, but you have to laugh at some of the ‘reviews’ for online recipes.

I was scrolling through a few the other day – you have to scroll, because standard food blog technique is to write about 6,000 words on how your grandmother used to catch mackerel by hand whilst blindfolded and swimming naked under pack ice, and only give the recipe in the last 50 words – and found one for Crab Cakes in an air-fryer. It calls for fresh Crab meat, Red Pepper, Spring Onions, and a few other bits and pieces.

Someone right at the top in the comments had added Cayenne Pepper and an egg white – and those are not in the recipe list as written. And another had used ‘imitation crab legs’ (i.e. not crab at all), green pepper instead of red, plus a totally different seasoning blend. Whatever it was they had made was apparently worth a five-star rating. Others have left out ingredients because they ‘didn’t have any’ and still rated it as five stars. Another had had a power cut and didn’t get to cook them, so used the raw mix as a sandwich filling instead – and still given it five stars. And another states he uses different ingredients in his recipe for Crab Cakes, but still gave this one five stars in spite of never having made it.

Another had used waxed paper in the air-fryer instead of the stated parchment paper and then complained about the cakes sticking to it. And someone else had apparently almost had a fire when they put the parchment paper into the air-dryer and tried to pre-heat before adding the Crab Cakes to hold it down.

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