An Earthquake Felt in Nottingham

Ironbridge in ShropshireI was on my computer this afternoon and was leaning on my heavy wooden desk with my elbow. At sometime around 3.30pm-ish I noticed a distinct vibration sensation, which lasted for maybe 5-8 seconds.

Having experienced earth tremors before, the thought fleetingly crossed my mind that this might have been one. Then another fleeting thought was I had imagined it and my arm was just numb from leaning on it. And I finally settled on a heavy vehicle passing the house, since there are some surface works going on nearby.

But getting in from work tonight I discovered that there had been an earthquake in Wem, Shropshire, and it had been reported as being felt on the Nottinghamshire border in Long Eaton. It occurred at around 3.40pm.

So I felt it. And I am much further east than Long Eaton.

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