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This is the live feed from my first birdbox camera. Right now, it’s on the back of the shed facing east, and about 2m from the ground.

In the first week, I’ve had three visitors (that I’ve noticed). A grub of some sort, a Ladybird, and a spider (there are several spider webs already attached to it on the outside).

But the main thing is that I got the Wi-Fi sorted using a TP-Link EAP 225 outdoor wireless access point. No more farting about with domestic wireless ‘extenders’ – I can now get maximum wireless right to the end of our garden, which is about 50m long, and no stupid dropouts or needs to reboot (which is a problem with domestic extenders). It’s just a constant strong signal.

The page is likely to be up and down over the next few weeks. Right now, the access point is propped up at the window of a bedroom, but it needs mounting outside, and that means drilling a 16mm hole in the wall so I can get an ethernet cable though. And I should point out that the feed will be incredibly boring unless something decides to reside in the box (apart from bugs).

Incidentally, during the day it is in full colour. At night, when the sensor detects low light, it turns off the internal LED lamp and switches to infrared, which renders in black and white. Around the time when that switch is made, the feed becomes jittery while the software makes up its mind.

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