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Ogle Road Mini-roundabout in SouthamptonA reader contacted me recently and asked for advice on a particular mini-roundabout. It’s shown in the photo above and – when there aren’t roadworks in place – there are two lanes on the approach.

Have you ever seen such a stupidly misplaced circle?

This is in Southampton. There is absolutely no way anyone in the right-hand lane can treat it as a roundabout and make any attempt to go around it the correct way without risking a scrape with someone in the left-hand lane not swinging out wide. The only really safe way is to effectively go round it the wrong way (which is probably what most people do).

I thought some of ours were badly painted, but this one takes the biscuit. It needs fixing as soon as possible. There is no way the single lane on the opposite side needs such width – if it does, then the kerb needs altering that side to create a pocket. That circle should be slightly to the right of centre of the right hand lane for the car park.

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