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This an OLD story from 2010.

Saw this story this morning. Hyundai will be supplying 600 i30 cars to Bill Plant (driving school) this Bill Plant Logo - removed due to a complaint by them in another articleyear – it supplied 400 i20 models last year.

On the forums, there has been a lot of speculation about Bill Plant and the school’s supposed financial difficulties. Of course, at any other time the forums are incandescent over Bill Plant’s “5 hours for £56” introductory offer. The wise ones appear incapable of understanding the word “introductory” – and the fact that subsequent lessons are something like £22 an hour afterwards (and that’s usually more than those same wise ones are charging for their own lessons, and which also include introductory offers).

The Bill Plant franchise is pretty good value, starting at £149 a week including the car and various other benefits. None of the wise ones on the forums, who hate all franchises with a vengeance, seems to have cottoned on to the driving instructor training service. Not yet, anyway.

Edit: I have removed the Bill Plant logo above. This is because they have taken exception to a much more recent story where the ASA found them being a little creative with their “facts” about how many instructors they had, and how big an area those covered. In fact, the ASA seriously dented Bill Plant’s own claims to be “national” by declaring that they’re not! I therefore thought it prudent to anticipate further tit-for-tat action on their part by removing their logo from here.

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