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The Audi LaneHad a funny one this evening.

I was on a lesson with a pupil and we were driving through Mapperley. We stopped at lights and I pointed out to him that the lanes merged on the other side, and the Audi that had pulled alongside us was going to try and get in front at all costs. Which is precisely what it did.

Then we came to another set of lights at a junction, which had split into two lanes again. The Audi was in the left lane in front of us, and I pointed out to my pupil that it was going to turn left even though it wasn’t indicating. And it did.

My pupil was incredulous, and asked how I could possibly know that.

I explained that it was simple. It was an Audi. There were two lanes going ahead, and the right hand lane even had fewer cars in it than the left one did. There was positively no way any Audi driver would pass up a chance like that and use the left hand lane unless the driver actually had to be in it for some reason. I explained that in most cases, an Audi driver wanting to go straight ahead in that situation would choose the right hand lane by default, even if the left one was empty. The instinct among them is so strong that they can’t help themselves.

I also told my pupil that if he ever bought an Audi, I’d instantly be able to read his mind, too.

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