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Sometimes, the message that you should hang up your driving keys is loud and clear. You just don’t hear it.

This happened on a lesson last week (it was an elderly driver). Click the video to start it. As the clip opens, note the dark red car (YG65 FPT) in the left hand lane on the roundabout in the distance. He’s all but committed to taking the exit, but decides at the last minute to cut across firstly two lanes of traffic, and then across another once he’s managed it in order to take a different exit. I knew he was going to pull in front of us, which is why we made no attempt to go past in our lane. Then, for reasons best known to him, he stopped at green traffic lights with traffic going past on all sides. Finally, he decides to move back over into the left lane. He remembered he had indicators for that one.

There is another roundabout about 200m further along where he was originally heading, where he could safely have doubled back if he’d gone the wrong way.

Ironically, he probably has a clean driving licence, and uses that to argue his age group shouldn’t be questioned over their driving ability.

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