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I wrote about this a year or so ago, but one of the best things I ever bought was a set a flyscreens from www.flyscreensuk.co.uk (tel. 01628 481919).

Hinged Flyscreen

I used to have major problems every year with my computer attracting all kinds of winged nasties – huge moths, daddy long legs, every gnat and midge in a 2 mile radius. It still does, of course, except that they cannot get through the flyscreens!

I’m not lying when I say that last summer I did not have a single bug get through – and that includes those thunder flies (thrips) you get every year (tiny little black things).

I received a mail-out today, and Window Screens UK (the name of the company in question) has opened a new showroom so you can see what the products actually look like. They’ve revamped their website, and introduced some new products (including ready-to-fit roller blind screens and spares/accessories for the whole range).

I honestly don’t know why I put up with the problem for so long, before wondering if it were possible to get flyscreens in the UK. They are, after all, very common elsewhere in the world – particularly America.

The screens I bought were self-assembly (very easy), and they fit over my window cavities using continuous magnetic strips. I really do recommend them to anyone sick of flies getting in the house.

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