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Virus imageAn article in PA Media declares “students should not foot blame for Northumbria [university] outbreak, pupils and parents say”.

It quotes a mother – Sara from Kent (and it’s no surprise she ‘didn’t want to give her second name’) – who saw:

…no evidence of security checks…

No one patrols the corridors to see if there are parties going on, so students are breaking the rules with impunity…

So how in f**k’s name does she reach the conclusion that students ‘aren’t to blame’?

If the immature morons are ‘partying with impunity’, which they’ve been told not to, then they ARE to blame. Absolutely and categorically.

There’s no point singling out individuals who have toed the line. Even in normal years, some students don’t get involved in parties and stupid stunts. They’re there to get a degree and that’s all. But every year, a significant number of them are geared up to behave like assholes. They’ve only gone to university to behave like assholes. That’s how university works. Jesus. If you’ve enrolled on a Mickey Mouse course outside of the core sciences or arts, what other reason would you have to be there? And it’s even worse this year, with those guessed grades that got them in. It’s a case of ‘party hard because I’m going to flunk it, and I need something to boast about in three years’ time for my CV’.

In this case, it’s Newcastle. And I know for an absolute fact that choosing Newcastle for most students is based on the rumours of the nightlife up that way. It comes up every time I end up teaching someone who wants to go there – it’s the main reason they want to.

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