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COVID-19 imageThe only proper way out of this current mess is a vaccine. This is even more true while there are idiots using every slight fall in infection rates as an excuse to go on holiday to Spain, Greece, and loads of other places where cases are rising, where many of them will end up on phone footage circulating on the internet, showing that only Britons know how to act like prats.

If you want to do your bit, and help save yourself from these people, you can sign up for COVID-19 vaccine trials with the NHS.

I’ve signed up. There are no guarantees you’ll be asked to participate, and even if you are you can decline. Any trial will be fully explained to you, and the only two at the moment involve the Oxford and Imperial vaccines, which are in Stage 3 clinical trials.

We’re beyond the stage now with these where having the vaccine is going to kill you outright. The trials are intended to see if it stops COVID-19.

I urge as many people as possible to sign up. Between us, we can help save our loved ones – even those stupid enough to travel on overseas holidays this year.

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