I Have Always Wanted A Potato Peeler

Lakeland Electric Potato PeelerSeriously. I’ve been thinking of getting an automatic potato peeler for years, but the fact that they’re usually industrial units for use by chip shops, matched by industrial prices, has put me off. Maybe not so much the price, but certainly the size.

I was browsing through the newsfeed tonight and came across this review. Lakeland is now selling an electric home potato peeler (or potato rumbler, as they’re called).

The review is somewhat lacking, because it doesn’t say anything about what happens to the peelings and how you wash them out, but I would imagine there’s a collection box or something (from Lakeland’s own description, the peel apparently stays in the main bowl, so you just rinse it out). Even so, it’s a very reasonable price, and can peel a kilo of potatoes in one go.

Lakeland has high street stores all over the country, but it’s available online from them. It looks like the days of my trusty OXO Good Grips peelers are numbered – at least as far as potatoes are concerned.

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