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Donna and RalstonDonna Smith came to the UK from Jamaica over five years ago. She met her husband – also originally from Jamaica, I believe – while he was on holiday there. She came to the UK a year after marrying Ralston Fustiye. Her two children also came with her. Ralston was a British citizen, and had worked for Nottingham City Council for 15 years.

Tragically, Ralston recently died from COVID-19 due to an underlying heart condition.

Donna Fustiye, who is employed as a registered carer, now faces deportation back to Jamaica. She wants to remain in the UK, which she considers her home, along with her children.

Donna has to raise £7,600 before 8 August in order to apply for residency. Her immigration advisor (also a councillor) has set up a crowdfunding page to try and help her that way. She’s been helping us all through this pandemic, and the least we can do is try to give something in return.

I’m sure this country still has some good people in it who see these situations as tragic, as opposed something to get all excited over because it means deporting someone. If you’re one of them, consider helping out by pledging whatever you can to try and stop someone’s life being destroyed.

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