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Asda Cashback PlusSince we went into lockdown, my bank has changed its interest rates, and they are certainly not for the better. It’s no big deal, and I fully understand why they’ve done it.

But one change on the financial front which was a pleasant surprise involved my Asda Cashback credit card. I’ve written about this before, but since I get all my groceries and fuel from Asda, getting 2% cashback on everything from there (0.2% anywhere else) has been a great way of reducing fuel costs. The only minor niggle has been you have to print off a voucher and can only use it in-store – and not to buy fuel directly.

Anyway, it turns out Asda’s relationship with Creation (the company who manages the card) is ending in July, and my account will automatically switch from Asda directly to Creation from that date. As I was reading the letter, I was waiting for the bad news about losing my cashback or having the rate reduced. But there wasn’t any. In fact, what will happen now is that I’ll get 2% cashback on purchases from anywhere, and the money will be credited to my balance every month! I pay the whole lot off monthly anyway, so there’s no interest.

I’ve currently got cashback to the value of about £50 in my Asda account (I’ve been getting weekly grocery deliveries online), and I’ve got until September to redeem that in-store.

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