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The petition to revoke A50 is being discussed in parliament today. It should be pretty clear that if the outcome is anything other than a revocation of A50, then the whole exercise is a charade which ignoEuro Flag - with the idiot UK star fallenres true public opinion.

The petition has amassed over 6 million signatures. Official estimates put fake signatures at under 4%, meaning that there are at least 5.75 million real ones. By contrast, any Leave petition manages a few hundred thousand at best. In fact, the signatures for the revoke A50 petition are probably more numerous than all the other Leave petitions put together.

Brexit was the stupidest thing this country has ever done. It was decide by a tiny, tiny margin of stupid people – people like this wanker who caused disruption to the Eurostar service yesterday. His name is Terry Maher, and when the debate is held later today, the government needs to seriously consider that he – and people like him, who haven’t got a clue – were the ones who voted to get us into this mess.

It’s frightening when you consider that the only reason Brexit hasn’t been stopped on the obvious grounds of common sense is that the government is afraid of upsetting the troglodytes that exist in society. People like Terry Maher, and a great many of others who voted for Brexit.

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