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Cannabis plantsI just saw this on the BBC website. Apparently, someone dumped some bin bags full of cannabis plants at the side of the road near Harrogate in Yorkshire. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

It made me smile. You see, about 3 years ago, I’d stopped on a quiet road between lessons to grab a sandwich and do some emails, and I was aware of some dumped vegetation in the gateway I’d parked in. I did a double-take, and realised it was three large bales of cannabis plants – probably several kilos.

I phoned the police and they weren’t interested, citing something about only being interested if the plants had buds on them. They said if I was concerned I should call the council, though they didn’t have a number. I looked one up and called. After about 50 phone options – none of which came even close to covering such a find – I plumped for one which sounded as though they might be able to help. I tried to explain what I’d found, then the line went dead.

I thought: f**k them. I didn’t try again.

Over a period of about three months, the bales gradually decomposed and that was that.

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