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GBP vs USB - 11 Jan 2017I just did a quick check of the exchange of the GBP versus USD and noted that it is currently at a new 30-year low of $1.206. The previous low was in early October last year at around $1.211.

And still the retards who voted to leave the EU are convincing themselves that everything will be all right.

It won’t. And it’s going to get much worse.

Oh, and one more thing. If it wasn’t for Donald Trump and his influence on the strength of the USD, GBP would probably be much lower than this.

Oh dear! Just had a look now, and pre-trading movement shows it off the side of another cliff – it’s down at 1.200, probably as a result of Theresa May’s continued incompetence and determination to destroy the country.GBP vs USD - late 15 January

WE must remain in the EU. When will they realise this, and decide to overrule the halfwits who voted to leave?

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