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EDIT 28/6/2012: This is an old story. I understand that now BSM is run by The AA, franchise prices are similar to those of The AA Driving School. Lesson prices with PDIs are also not charged at full rate.

I get a lot of hits on this search term (i.e. “BSM franchise fees”). Take a look at this link to BSM’s website.

BSM LogoThe top BSM franchise (fixed fee) is was very expensive (in my opinion) – from what I last heard it is something it used to be between £330-380 a week! However, if the website is anywhere near accurate, BSM is virtually guaranteeing pupils, plus you get 3 fee-free weeks after a year, and an annual discount (not sure how much) on the weekly fee.

They also used to do a variable fee franchise, which is based on the number of hours you do. The more you work, the more you pay. I don’t have a clue what the figures are for this one.

Finally, they used to do an Associate Franchise – this is where you get the car but find your own work. It costs £160 a week, and includes free CPD (which I assume must also be included in those other franchise options).

Your best bet is to phone them on the number they give:  0845 851 9688 – better to get the correct information from the horses mouth, and not a pile of twisted hearsay from people who are guessing or who have axes to grind with BSM. It’s not like you are committing to joining them or anything.

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