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Wow! What a way to start 2010!

This week the BBC has been showing a further series of  Guitar Heroes (tonight was number 4, and there are 6 in total).

Tonight, they showed Horslips playing Dearg Doom from their 1974 The Táin album.

Horslips circa 1974

Horslips circa 1974

Horslips (website here) were one of the best bands of all time, but being folk-rock fusion they never hit mainstream. They were the first band I ever saw live (at the Birmingham Hippodrome in 1978). Brilliant guitar and keyboards, they flipped effortlessly between heavy rock – and I mean proper heavy rock, not that laryngitis-fuelled crap you get now – and acoustic traditional Irish folk.

In fact, here is the Dearg Doom segment from the BBC programme:

They released another album ( Rollback ) a couple of years ago – a semi-acoustic retake on their older stuff with some newer tracks. I wish they’d tour again.

I really recommend checking out some of their stuff. The album The Book Of Invasions is incredible, and holds up well considering it was released way back in 1976! Also take a look at The Man Who Built America (the album tour I went to).

EDIT 01801/2010: Worth pointing out that the episodes can be viewed online using the BBC iPlayer . Don’t forget they are only viewable for a limited time.

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