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This is an old post. As of 2017/18 they have been using the new check sheet, and Part 3 is now carried out using the single assessment sheet (no more PSTs).

A while ago the DSA circulated a Quick Guide to the new Standards Check that will replace the Check Test from 7 April 2014.

PDF logo - download 2014 Standards Check sheetWithin the guide is a link to a PDF file showing what the new Standards Check Marking Sheet will look like from April onwards. I’ve included a link to it here (click the image on the left) in case you can’t access it on the GOV.UK site.

A reader also commented to me recently that the DSA had “taken down” the PST sheets from their website. I wasn’t aware that they had them there, but if they ever did – and it would be great IF they did – I would imagine that these will have to change at some point to keep in line with the Standards Check/CCL approach.

The PST Sheets can be downloaded from the blog here. I stress that I can only vouch for these up until 7 April 2014.

They’re still valid as of June 2014. I should also point out that I have never said that they HAD changed, or that they WILL change – I am merely surmising that they will have to at some point. This simple logic seems to be beyond certain specimens out there.

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