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As I’ve mentioned before, I do a lot of work on my PC when I’m at home.

Ever since I can remember, whenever the weather warms up a little – and this includes potentially every day of the year – the moths, flies, and gnats have driven me crazy. Even in deepest winter, if the temperature rises even a little above average they start hatching. And what do they head for through the open window?

Hinged Flyscreen

Hinged Flyscreen

My monitor!

Last year it suddenly occurred to me that this is why (well, one reason) Americans have flyscreens. OK, I know this might sound stupid and obvious, but it was like a sudden flash of inspiration to me at the time.

A quick search and I came up with FlyscreensUK. You can get different mesh types, so I requested some samples – the company was extremely helpful with this and a few other questions about the kinds of insects they stop. In the end I decided to go for the finest (midge mesh), which I was assured would stop just about anything,

Retractable Flyscreen

Retractable Flyscreen

Once it started getting a bit milder after the snow this year I sent away for the appropriate kit. It was easy to measure up (though you do have to cut the frame material using a hacksaw, so be aware of this) and assemble. They attach to the window using continuous magnetic strips to ensure no gaps.

I have to say I was sceptical about the ability of the midge mesh to keep out what I think of as ‘midges’ – those tiny little black things that get everywhere around this time of year. But after sitting outside the test centre the other day in the boiling weather we’ve had, and getting covered in these things, I’ve not had a single one get into the room where I have my computer (nor anything else with wings).

I also had a few reservations about the midge mesh blocking out light, but it doesn’t do that much at all. In fact you hardly know it is there.

Mine are just for normal windows, but you can get them for doors and French windows. These flyscreens are excellent, and I’d recommend them to anyone. They are one of the most useful things I’ve ever bought – and when I think of what I’ve put up with over the years…!

They really do work (and that seems to be a search term being used to find this topic via Google), and FlyscreensUK is a company I can highly recommend.

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