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Well, further to what I said a week or so ago, the Swine Flu situation needs to be resummarised:

  • the Foreign Office tells us we can travel to Mexico again
  • to date, Britain has recorded just over a hundred cases…
  • …and they all recovered (some even able to do radio interviews on the day they were diagnosed)
  • Around 8,500 cases have been reported across 40 countries

I suppose it’s also worth adding:

  • the World hasn’t ended

Still, WHO and others are trying to talk the whole thing up into a bigger thing than it is. And this is in spite of medics telling us it wasn’t as bad as they thought (with one report even saying something like “it [the virus]¬†seems to be not as serious outside Mexico “).

Keep at it, guys. If you throw in some stuff about oil price increases you might start a panic there, so at least you’ll have achieved something.

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