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Right! A while back I wrote about how welding isn’t easy. Surprisingly, it has been one of the most popular pages – mainly people asking about sticking welding rods, or kneeling chairs.

There is an update to this project here.

I said that come the new year I was going to build a kneeling chair from scratch. One that is bomb-proof. Well, the project has begun, and I’ve ordered the materials from Metals4U (website at www-metals4u-co-uk with those dashes replaced by dots*):

Kneeling Chair3 metres of 1½” x 14swg mild steel tube for the floor spars

3 metres of 30mm x 30mm x 2.5mm mild steel box section for the main struts

500mm x 500mm x 3mm rolled mild steel plate for the seat mount and spacers

I’m going to draw up the plans (don’t expect a precise blueprint) and post them on here as an on going commentary of the project. I’ll also maybe take some pictures of the intermediate stages and – with any luck – I should end up with a solid metal kneeling chair along the same basic design lines as the one in that picture on the left, but minus the inherent design weaknesses I’ve discovered across three different purchases from online retailers.

To start with I’m going to use the riser and the seat/knee cushions off my existing one (which is falling apart again), but I want to make better/more comfortable cushions at some stage – and that will mean dabbling in woodworking and upholstery!

EDIT: If you came to this page from a search engine, don’t forget to look for Kneeling Chair Project parts (#1), #2, #3, and #4 (plus a couple of updates) using the site search facility. This project is now complete and there are drawing/blueprints in the other parts.


* Note that Metals4U asked me to remove the direct link to their site. As far as I can understand it, as well as getting too big for its boots these days, Google also appears to have outgrown its brain and is penalising companies for links to their websites from “lesser ranked” websites such as this one.

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