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A New Look – And Some Issues

6 27x32 | Gedore Chrome Open Ended Spanner, 27 x 32 mm | RS ComponentsRegular readers will notice the new theme. Please bear with me while I get it sorted – it doesn’t work properly-ish with my previous layout, so I have got to do some fiddling.

You can still navigate somewhat, but there are a few obvious issues right now, many of which I have already sorted after posting this. The main thing is I am now mobile-friendly (I was before apart from some minor issues, but the site checkers said otherwise).


Blog Outages

Power cord unpluggedApologies to anyone who has had problems accessing the site the last day or so.

I’ve been trying to get a content delivery network (CDN) set up, and until yesterday every time I activated it the site went down. I finally got it sorted, and the site should be loading much faster now – especially where images are concerned.

However, the site has been up and down like a yo-yo today. I don’t think it is anything to do with the CDN, but more an issue with the IONOS (1&1) servers I host it on. It happens from time to time.


Sorry for the Down Time

Apologies for being offline for a while this evening. I had been trying to convert the site to HTTPS and lost access to the control panel.Futurama's Broken Robots

I make regular backups, and had a bit of a scare when the latest one wouldn’t restore (more specifically, I couldn’t import the old MySQL database into the new one). Anyway, after a bit of fiddling I finally managed it.

Sorry about that.