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Take a look at this chart. It shows the value of the GBP (£) against the USB ($) over the period 20 June to 6 July 2016.GBP vs USD - 20 June 2016 to 6 July 2016

At point A (immediately before the EU Referendum), everyone expected a vote to remain and the GBP rose to its highest level against USD since December 2015. In actual fact, between 15 June and 23 June, it rose from 1.41 to 1.49 (almost 6%) on the strength of confidence that we’d remain EU members.

Once the catastrophically wrong referendum result was announced, it fell to its lowest level for 31 years (a fall of around 10%). It recovered slightly – which prompted the nationalist press (i.e. The Sun) to announce that the scaremongering was over and the future was rosy. Again, in fact, it was still at its lowest for decades.

Following a weekend lull, it fell again This time, it stabilised at the level it had fallen to immediately after the result. A day later, it fell again and stabilised 2% lower than its previous lowest at 1.31 (B). For several days, and partly as a result of speeches from various people trying to calm the market, it climbed back to between 1.32 and 1.35 (C), and that’s where The Sun claimed everything was now all right once more. After another weekend lull, it set off downwards again, and today it stands at 1.29.

The Bank of England has repeatedly warned that Brexit will hit the markets and currency badly. Ranged against this you have… The Sun, whose counter arguments seems to boil down to “oh, no it won’t” and “it’s all those foreigners taking our jobs and scrounging off the state who are to blame”. Frighteningly, there are still people who read The Sun who genuinely believe this – these are the ones who swung the result of the referendum in the first place.

The Sun also favours quoting the FTSE 100, and has said several times that it “has recovered to pre-Brexit levels”. The FTSE 100 does not accurately reflect what is happening in the UK market – it is the FTSE 250 which does that. Today, for example, the FTSE 250 is down by almost twice as much as the FTSE 100 directly due to the Bank of England’s warning that the effects of Brexit are beginning to “crystallise”. Tesco and Morrisons – better indicators of the state of the UK market than, say, Vodafone – are down by 6%.

How much longer has this got to go on before someone wises up and admits that they made a mistake in allowing retards to vote on EU membership, and the that result was disastrously wrong?


You might not be able to read this article, as it is in the American edition of The Huffington Post, but it makes interesting reading.EU Diaspora Map

One of the main reasons for the marginal – and let’s not forget that it was very marginal – vote to leave the EU was because the Leave campaigners had convinced themselves that if we left, all those filthy foreigners would have to go home or risk being burnt at the stake.

The Huff poses the question “which of the 28 countries in the European Union has the most citizens living abroad as immigrants?

During campaigning, the Leave camp certainly implied very strongly that it was the Poles and other Eastern Europeans who had allegedly parasitized the UK who held this honour. Of course, they couldn’t campaign directly on the subject since it would have automatically been racist – they therefore had to leave it to The Sun and The Daily Mail, both of which already existed in the cloaca of British society, and whose readership was happy to live down there with them as they pushed their lies and prejudices concerning EU membership and the benefits of leaving.

In actual fact, Britain has the highest number of people living outside its boundaries, but within the EU’s. Furthermore, it is only 14th out of 28 in the list of EU countries in terms of the number of non-UK nationals per capita.

This is not quite what “Leave” and the gutter press were telling everyone running up to the referendum, is it?

The article then proceeds to discuss the difference in meaning between the word “expatriate” (or “expat”) – as Britons like to refer to themselves when they move overseas – and “immigrant” – which they like to call everyone else who does the same. Take a look at these two definitions:



1. a person who lives outside their native country.



1. a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

The article points out that in general usage, the term “immigrant” applies to those who move from a poorer country to a richer one seeking a better life, whereas “expat” is applied to those from rich countries who work abroad.

I’m sure that any Brexiters reading this will already be formulating their weasel replies, but anticipating their thought processes – which isn’t difficult when you’re dealing with racists – that distinction between “immigrant” and “expat” is very accurate, and that word “permanently” is spurious. There are many Africans and Asians who are only over here to either study or work, and yet who are freely regarded as “immigrants”, in spite of the fact that once they’ve completed their studies or whatever are likely to move either back home or to another country (I’ve taught several trainee doctors from those continents who had every intention of going back home to practice once they’d qualified). Likewise, many British “expats” will never – and have no intention of ever – returning to the UK while they are alive.

The source of the Huffington Post article also has some more interesting comments and statistics. The author, Max Galka, says:

…public opinion about immigration has become a deciding factor in some of the most important geopolitical events in the world.

Views on immigration have shaped the world’s response to the refugee crisis, our policies on the war on terror, and this year’s U.S. presidential race. Yet, the basic facts about immigration almost never come up at all in the debate.

He then shows how the UK population believes the number of immigrants to be double what it really is (all countries overestimate this figure, some more than others). Perhaps even more worryingly, the UK population overestimates the number of Muslims it carries by a factor of more than four!

Without doubt, immigration and an underlying trend towards racism swung the result of the EU Referendum by just enough for “Leave” to scrape victory. It’s scary when you consider that stupidity and a deeply disturbing desire not to recognise facts about immigration were at the root. But it was a victory that was so frighteningly and obviously wrong that you wonder why someone isn’t doing more to pull a second referendum at the earliest opportunity.

But then again, perhaps the idiots who voted to leave the EU need to see some shit hitting the fan before that happens.


The vote to leave the EU was wrong. Totally and absolutely wrong.Broken Britain

The vast majority of MPs can see this, and it is what is coming across in the media. It is why over 4 million have signed the petition for a 2nd referendum. Unfortunately, in their pathetic attempts to maintain neutrality, they (BBC, in particular, take note) are insisting on printing a counter argument to every argument. Before the referendum – when everything was merely guesswork – this stupid behaviour caused confusion among the great unwashed masses. But now, in the face of harsh realities, these counter arguments are just coming across as childish and naive.

“Leave” Lies

The “Leave” campaign pretty much stated prior to the referendum that it would stop immigration completely, and give £350,000,000 to the NHS. These promises struck a major chord with the less intelligent people in our society, and undoubtedly won many votes. However, “Leave” reneged on both promises as soon as it became clear that it had won. Quite simply, immigration cannot be controlled in anything like the way “Leave” said, or in the way that dumb, nationalist people would like. And the NHS will not get £350m for the simple reason that “Leave” lied – absolutely and definitely lied – about the amount of money being paid to Brussels, and which it claimed could be given to the NHS instead.

Break up of The Union

As soon as we knew that Scotland had voted to remain, but England had voted to leave, the destruction of The Union was assured. Scotland held a referendum in 2014 on whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom. It chose future security over flag-waving and voted to stay, though the admittedly narrow margin of the “stay in the UK” vote has been the subject of much discussion ever since, and further referendums were always on the cards. Scotland’s future security flew out of the window on the morning of 24 June 2016, and within a day it was announced that  a second vote on independence was definitely on the cards. Separate talks to keep Scotland in the EU have already begun.Broken Union

Gibraltar voted by more than 95% to stay in the EU, and Spain immediately went off on one again over the issue of sovereignty. Although it has dismissed Spain’s renewed sovereignty claims, Gibraltar is now in talks with Scotland in order to try and retain its own EU membership.

Furthermore, Northern Ireland’s independence and Ireland’s valid claim to sovereignty on geographic grounds if nothing else has always been bubbling away under the surface. Northern Ireland also voted to remain in the EU, and it isn’t hard to see how the independence argument could bubble up again. The only problem there is that, unlike Scotland, Northern Ireland is likely to fall back into civil war as the Loyalists and Republicans are almost certainly not going to agree with each other. Just saying the words “Northern Ireland might seek independence” misses the realities of the situation by a million miles.

And if Scotland and/or Northern Ireland go, what will Wales – which has also talked of independence in the past – want to do?

Remember: before the referendum, no one predicted what has happened since. But what has happened since should provide a big enough warning of what could now happen moving forward. And it won’t involve blue skies and rainbows – more like black clouds and lightning.


The day the result was announced, I noticed a dramatic increase in the number of houses with flags hanging outside – many on dwellings such as the scummy one I mentioned before on Wigman Road in Bilborough – which had already been displaying “Leave” posters. As I pointed out to several pupils, these were not all due to England being in the Euro 2016 football competition – many were the response of a bunch of chimpanzees jumping up and down with glee at the exit vote. Although most were George Crosses, some were Union Jacks (one appeared on a flagpole on an exclusive property on Town Street in Bramcote).

This made me laugh, because there will be a new Union Jack within a couple of years – one with all the blue missing. A few years after that, Britain’s flag will just consist of the George Cross, and we’ll be called “England”. There will be no British Isles, since there will be no Britain.

It’s hard to fathom how the tiny minds of some people work. They’ve been going on and on for the last 70-odd years about how “great” Britain defeated Hitler and right-wing extremism, and yet they have now voted in such a way that they have destroyed the very mechanism by which that happened.


That leads nicely on to the issue of racism – I’ll come to fascism in a moment. Within hours of the referendum result, acts of overt racism were already being reported. In Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, carefully produced laminated cards were being left at properties believed to be owned by Polish people. In actual fact, they were being left in the wrong places, but we already know that most “Leave” supporters were a little short on brains.Laminated anti-european cards

There are reports of people openly confronting “foreigners” and telling them to go home. In one case in Manchester, the “foreigner” being abused is an American. The perpetrators are clearly too thick to understand that they are a) abusing people who have been here for 5 generations or more, and b) who are not European (Muslims are also being targeted).

In a way, this illustrates the deeply ingrained racist beliefs held by the older generation in this country, and which has been passed on to generation after generation of their offspring. They are incapable of understanding that someone who was born in the UK, and whose ancestors – that would be great-great grandparents – emigrated here are just as British as they are. To believe that they aren’t… well, I’ll come to that shortly.

I want to go back to the Second World War for a moment, and the 70-plus years we’ve had to endure the message that we saved the world from a right-wing monster; the repetitive snide comments about Germany or Germans who do anything we don’t like (such as win sports events, or be involved in global politics); the snide comments about France for being occupied and having to be rescued; the snide comments about anyone smaller than us, or with a less illustrious history; and the “fact” that we singlehandedly saved them all from Hitler and fascism.

When you take all of that into consideration – and believe me, you could write a book on the subject – who would ever have thought that right-wing seeds should so readily sprout in the British Isles? You know, the country that defeated extremism again and again for almost a century (longer if you want to consider Britain’s imperial past)?

The vote to leave the EU has unleashed this right-wing bile by the bucket load, and not being part of Europe guarantees that it will fester and grow as we try to pretend we can become “great” again. The worrying thing is that we already were – but now we’re not.

Don’t try to convince yourself  that it is “only a minority” of people who are racist. Anyone who voted to leave the EU solely because of immigration is already part of that same group of Neanderthals to a greater or lesser extent. Immigration was a problem for the whole of Europe and the whole World. It still is. Except we’ll have to deal with it alone from now on.


And that leads me on to the the economy. The shockwaves created by the referendum result have surprised everyone except for those who were too stupid to understand what they were doing by voting to leave. The GBP (£) immediately fell to its lowest value since the depression of the late 70s and early 80s. Shares in any company which relies on international trade plummeted, with trading even being suspended in some cases. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has warned that the country will be poorer as a result of the vote, and has also warned that taxes will have to rise by 2-3%, while spending will have to be cut (and let’s remind ourselves that a vote to leave was going to give an extra £350 million to the NHS, whereas it looks now as though it will actually end up with less than it was already getting). There are plans to increase duty on fuel and alcohol, as well as an increase in inheritance tax.

Don’t be misled by stories that the markets have “stabilised”. Global markets might have – temporarily. But UK companies are still almost 10% down on pre-referendum figures. The propaganda tells us that the GBP (£) is “up” to 1.35, yet it was 1.50 this time last week. Since it fell to a low of 1.32 or thereabouts, it is actually only “up” by 0.03 – whereas in reality, it is down by 0.15 as a direct result of the decision to leave the EU.

Referring back to the Chancellor’s comments, you have to laugh over that inheritance tax thing. There was one prat called “Graham”, who wrote a comment at the bottom of a recent BBC article (all in capitals, as is typical of his kind). He said he had voted “leave” for the sake of his children and grandchildren. I wonder what he thinks now? Well done, Graham. I hope waving your St George’s Cross goes some way to making you happy – but f__k everyone else, eh?

Forty years of net prosperity, growth, and success has been wiped out overnight, and replaced with uncertainty – a bunch of aged idiots, white van men from council estates, and f brainless football supporters all waving flags and rattling on about “making Britain great again” (those words have been written more than once by more than one “leave” voter).

We already were “great”. Now we’re not, and there’s no sign that we will be during the lifetimes of anyone now living.

The Referendum

It should never have been held. A decision like this should not have been made by idiots. It should have been made by economists and academics.

As I said at the start, this decision was wrong. It is obviously not working, and it obviously cannot and will not work in the future. Ever.

The government knows the result was wrong. It needs to stop prattling on about “democracy” and overturn the result quickly before Europe kicks us out. Then, it really will be too late.


It’s funny when you consider that in the run up to the EU Referendum certain sections of the media were claiming that big business supported the “leave” campaign. It’s funny because of this story, now that we apparently are leaving.

“We can’t sugar-coat this – many of our members are feeling anxious,” said Simon Walker, director-general of the IoD.

“A majority of business leaders think the vote for Brexit is bad for them, and as a result plans for investment and hiring are being put on hold or scaled back.”

According to “Leave”, the parallel universe which Britain was going to exist in – on it’s own – was going to be a much brighter place. The dickhead companies who supported leaving the EU were therefore signalling their belief in this deluded idea. And yet we now find that many of them are going to put a freeze on recruitment, with many more likely to follow, as a result of the unimagined financial uncertainty that has descended on our new parallel dimension.

A freeze on recruitment means that unemployment will not fall – in fact, with new people leaving school and university (it’s that time of year, too) it is likely to rise. Furthermore, such a freeze is often a precursor to redundancies, which are all the more likely with the fall in the value of the pound and company stock prices.

Any sort of security seems to rest with the EU granting the UK privileges which it has no right to if it is not a member- the “single market” being a prime example. HSBC is planning to move 1,000 jobs from the London to Paris if the single market is lost. Likewise, Morgan Stanley will move 2,000 jobs to Dublin or Frankfurt, and others could follow suit.

I’d love some of the cretins who voted to leave to explain to me how this is good – indeed, how anything that has happened, or is likely to happen as a result of that – is good. The problem is, their concern was only ever about those nasty immigrants with non-white skin and funny accents. They wouldn’t understand. And they wouldn’t care.

What is becoming very, very clear is that everyone is starting to realise the vote to leave was totally and utterly wrong. It was decided by idiots whose only skill appears to have been that they know how to erect a flagpole and nail posters to the sides of their houses. And it is being rued by those who should have made the decision to stay instead of giving these morons the vote in the first place.

Britain should be a part of Europe. Walking away, waving flags, and standing with your chest out chanting “we can make Britain great again” won’t f___king work. Ever. Not unless there’s a big market for flagpoles and posters these days.


Following the EU Referendum, Google has revealed some interesting post-result searches.

There has been a 250% increase in searches on “what happens if we leave the EU”. I stress that this occurred AFTER the comedians doing the searching had voted.

It also appears that further searches after the polls closed included “what is the EU” and “which countries are in the EU”. Also trending was “what is brexit” and “are we european”.

Londoners have shown an increased interest in moving to Gibraltar, whilst there has been an increase in those seeking to obtain an Irish passport.

The guy from the first link has the same opinion as me – that there should never have been a referendum in the first place because understanding the issues and implications was beyond the wit of 95% of the electorate.

Arguably too complex for the average citizen. Referendums are a brute-force political engine, a numbers game designed to spit out a yes or no answer on a simple question. Something as complicated and multi-faceted as Britain’s membership of the EU, on the other hand, should not have been decided by referendum, instead weighed up by independent experts versed in the thousands of ways the UK interacts with the biggest economic power on Earth.

Absolutely spot on.


It was funny hearing Boris Johnson trying to be gracious in victory by declaring that David Cameron will go down as “one of the great prime ministers”.The UK is now broken

Sorry, Boris, but if you were wrong about Brexit not being damaging to the UK, you’re a hundred times more wrong over that.

Cameron has become the man who has broken up the Union. The man who handed Scotland independence on a plate, even after they had voted narrowly against it. The man who has sown the seeds for Northern Ireland and Wales to go the same way. The man who has resurrected Spain’s geographically legitimate claim on Gibraltar (which will almost certainly set the Argentinians off on one again). The man who called a referendum that should never have been called for the purposes of winning a general election. The man who then had that referendum turn on him and disembowel him. And the man who has ensured austerity for at least a generation to come – right after we’d dug ourselves out of a recession. God knows what else will appear on the list, but you can be sure it won’t be good.

There’s a certain irony in all this, since Cameron is also a man who has spent the better part of a decade blaming everything from the recession to outbreaks of scrofula on Gordon Brown and the last Labour government, when in fact Brown (and Labour) had nothing to do with any of that. Gordon Brown was actually a half decent (or half indifferent, depending on how you look at it) prime minister.

In Cameron’s case, on the other hand, all the accusations will almost certainly turn out to be demonstrably true. I have to admit though that – as a person – I feel quite sorry for him. I bet he didn’t see this coming.

Now, what odds can I get on BoJo being in the running as his replacement?

See how quickly things change? BoJo was right up there, favourite to become PM. Then he was stabbed in the back by Gove.


Not surprisingly, the tragic result of the EU Referendum early this morning has been a topic of discussion with my pupils today. As I mentioned recently, none of those I had spoken with on the run up to voting had been in favour of leaving the EU.

Before I continue, an observation from yesterday evening. After my last lesson I went into Asda to do some shopping. Now, the West Bridgford store has a Bureau de Change, and in all the years I have been shopping there I don’t think I have ever seen anyone use it – probably because I shop so late. However, last night there was a queue (all idiots, since they were queuing across the entrance doorways). I wondered vaguely for a moment what was happening as I passed between them, assumed it must just be down to the holiday season, and then promptly forgot about it.

When my first pupil got into the car this morning, we exchanged the usual pleasantries, and when she asked how I was I replied: “Fine thanks – apart from that result last night.” She, too, was unhappy with the result, and in the subsequent discussion she mentioned a friend of hers who had voted to leave, but who was already regretting it because she was going on holiday next week and the sudden decimation of GBP (£) versus USD ($) and EURO (€) meant she would get a lot less spending money.

That was when it hit me about the queue in Asda last night. You see, I stayed up late watching the first results coming in, and watching the markets. Before the polls closed at 10pm there was speculation that there would be a narrow “remain” outcome, and as a result the value of GBP went up.

And THAT’S why they were queuing in Asda!

Although my local Asda is in Rushcliffe – and Rushcliffe was one of the few areas in England to vote “remain” – these vultures, many of whom probably voted to leave anyway, were cashing in on the early financial turmoil.

Something else that just caught my eye was on Sky News just now. They noted that of all the English wards to vote “remain”, the vast majority represented communities where at least 1 person in 3 had a degree or other higher qualification.

This confirms my own belief that you needed to have the IQ of fungus to want to vote “leave” – as evidenced by that filthy house on Wigman Road, which still has a huge poster nailed to the wall outside, and which has now added a number of England flags. Indeed, I pointed out to a pupil this morning that the number of English flags now draped outside of houses in Bilborough is dramatically higher than it was yesterday.


Oh my God! The UK is now doomed. We have voted to leave the EU.The day the UK shot itself in the foot

Well, almost exactly half has voted to leave. Because almost exactly half has voted to remain. Worse still, ALL of Scotland voted to stay, whereas virtually ALL of England voted to leave. The pound has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985.

Let’s just look at that again: the pound is at its lowest value since 1985. It has seen it’s biggest one-day fall. Ever. It is at a 30-year low – thanks in large part to people who weren’t born that long ago. The stock exchange is currently on its way down in sympathy. So well done, Brexiters, this is what the future will be like – and it is all your fault.

David Cameron must step down as a result of the unmitigated disaster he has caused. Indeed, he has announced he will do so in October. Quite frankly, you have to wonder if the Queen is considering a charge of treason against him – the skewed result will inevitably lead to Scotland demanding another vote on independence. Mind you, if the right-wing propaganda machine is even half right, she was a Brexiter and deserves as much credit as Cameron for this catastrophe.

This has been a perfect example of democracy at work. It has also been a perfect example of why democracy doesn’t work. A result this close could have been decided by the toss of a coin, yet the extreme skew between England and Scotland is about as anti-Scottish as you can get.The day Cameron gave Scotland its independence

But we’d better get used to skews, because our lives will be full of them now that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

The referendum should never have been held. The only purpose of having it was to get Cameron into No. 10. Ironically, it has now got him out. The simple fact is that the choice should never have been given to a people too stupid to put away their flags and make the right choice.


So voting is underway in the EU Referendum.Vote Remain

This is the promised referendum that ensured David Cameron won the last election – a promise which appealed to the type of person who probably shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place. It is a referendum which should not be taking place – you simply should not be allowing stupid people to become involved in decisions of this importance. The Boaty McBoatface debacle, though far less important, illustrates the point perfectly.

Something I’ve observed is that not one pupil I have asked has said that they would vote to leave. All of them except one (and he was undecided, but very confused, as he was picking up information from Facebook) has stated outright that they thought we should remain EU members.

This contrasts oddly with the number of “Leave” posters. I note that the size of these posters appears to be inversely proportional to the IQ of the homeowner who is displaying it. The largest ones frequently appear in rough areas on the sides of council houses with filthy curtains and unkempt gardens (there’s one on Wigman Road in Bilborough).

Brexiters don’t like being labelled as racists. Well, they might not be overt racists, but they are definitely cast-iron nationalists – and unless you’re one yourself, you will know precisely what that means concerning their likely opinions regarding those of non-UK lineage. A prime example is on Bunny Lane in Nottinghamshire, outside a large house right next to the Commando Paintball centre. The nationalist who lives there has erected a crude wooden hoarding outside his gates which has had a different crudely painted message every few days. I suspect that he has been spoken to about the racist overtones, since the earlier bad prose about Albania has more recently confined itself to single words about Turkey, Serbia, and other countries.

I’ve concluded that there are more “Leave” posters simply due to the fact that Brexiters have the biggest mouths. Indeed, this morning I saw that they have effectively vandalised bridges and railings with their posters overnight. I guess it sums up their intelligence if they think that some inkjet-printed A4 signs are likely to change the outcome of the vote this late in the day.

I hope to God that we vote to remain.


I’m sick to death of the invented word “brexit”. It’s been leapt upon by the ignorant nationalists in this country who haven’t got a clue what leaving he EU would do to Britain. This comment at the bottom of a BBC article is a perfect example:

1960. Posted by Gary Thompson

on 9 minutes ago

The UK the the WORLDS 5th Largest economy.
I think we can stand on our own two feet thank you Dave…

This guy is clearly unable to even consider a likely explanation as to WHY the UK is the world’s 5th largest economy, and how that position has been built during the UK’s membership of the EU these last 40-odd years. Nor does he mention that the same source he no doubt got his information from puts the EU as the largest (or second largest, depending on source figures) economy in the world. Him and his kind want us to withdraw from the largest economy in the world and try to go it alone? Another ignorant individual comments:

Its easier to make up your mind if you look at things from the other direction…if we were not in the EU…would we now join?….not a chance !

Again, he is incapable of asking himself if we would be where we are now if we hadn’t joined the EU. And this one sums everything up to a tee:

(Remember) KEEP BRITAIN BRITISH (as the old adage once said), and lock out the terrorists and illegals – Vote out and lets all try to get back to our proud Empire past.

This is what brexit is really all about. And they’re all idiots.

These flag-waving fossils cannot understand that economic downturns – and especially the one we experienced recently – affected everyone. They were global phenomena, and were not down to our membership of the EU. Nor can they understand that non-membership will not sort out the refugee situation – not unless we start shooting immigrants at the borders, and although some of these cretins might like the sound of that, it just isn’t going to happen.

Leaving the EU would be the biggest mistake in this country’s history. It would push the current biggest – Cameron’s pre-election pledge to allow a referendum on it just so he could get into power – into second place.