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Take a look at this story in the Daily Mail. Someone has posted a link on YouTube to a CCTV video of a man and woman putting their child in a laundromat washing machine, then panicking when they couldn’t get it out as the wash cycle began.

Here’s the video:

This is only a recent YouTube posting, so I would expect the identities of the two people to become known in due course. One can only hope that the authorities in whatever country is involved (it looks like the USA) conclude rightly that the pair are unfit to be parents, and the child is taken into care for its own safety.

The two people involved are clearly front-runners for this year’s Darwin Award.


Another one from the Daily Mail today – has to be seen to be believed. Take a look at this video:

Adeel Ayub filmed himself – or rather, had himself filmed (who was the accomplice?) – causing significant damage to the Asda store where he worked. He is shown causing damage to food, urinating in a bin (and the suggestion he also urinated in the fridge), slashing furniture, and damaging other stock and equipment.

He was given the maximum term possible by magistrates (its only 2 months, but he was shocked because he wasn’t expecting anything like that).

His lawyer, Manny Anwar-Qureshi said:

I don’t think the sentence is proportionate to the crime.

He was very remorseful and has grown up a lot since the incidents.

He was stitched up by other people. I am very surprised at the sentence given the crimes were four years ago.

You can see him making High Court Judge in a year or two, can’t you?

But back to Ayub… he can’t really be all there, can he? It makes you wonder how you can possibly share the same DNA with someone like this. I mean, you just can’t get your head around the fact that this kind of vermin even exists! He has grown up a lot? He’s 30, for God’s sake – which means he was 26 when he did this. Grown up? What was he before – a vegetable?

It serves him right he has gone to jail. The only possible downside is that he is already overburdened with an attitude problem and that is bound to develop further, because this kind of person never accepts blame for things like this.