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Or the LG Arena, as it is called these days… the venue for the fifth installment of the Rush Time Machine World Tour.

The largest venue so far, and easily the biggest crowd. The Arena was virtually full, and although they had a lot to live up to compared to the Geordies in Newcastle last night, the Brummies sure gave it a go.

I was three rows back and on an end seat, so the view was superb. I mentioned that the first gig in Scotland had a bit of a muddy sound in my opinion. It was near perfect in both Sheffield and Manchester from where I was sitting, and so it seemed to be tonight. However, someone from the back came up at the interval to ask what we thought – he said it was terrible at the back.

Anyway, over the previous gigs I have reviewed the show in my own way. I mentioned that in Manchester the band was enjoying itself so much that they did a bit of improvisation at the end of Closer to the Heart. Well, they kept it last night and tonight, although it is a bit different each time.

Neil’s solo was also well received tonight. He seems to get better every time he does it.

Something else I haven’t mentioned much: the light show. You see, when you’re close to the stage you don’t get as good a view of that as you do further back. The lighting rig consists of an eight-limbed spider-like arrangement, with each of the legs hinged at one end and in the centre. Various lights are attached and these move independently. The rig is raised and lowered – and contorted – at various points throughout the show. There are also other smaller rigs which rise and fall as necessary, independently of the main one. It’s hard to describe, but you have to have seen it to fully appreciate it. One person I was talking to said the light show was the best he’d seen since Pink Floyd some years ago.

Got some great pictures again…Geddy in BirminghamAlex in Birmingham

Neil in Birmingham

Geddy and Alex in BirminghamSo, the final leg is at the London O2 this Wednesday.

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