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Please note that from April 2014 the marking system is changing to comply with ADI1, which you can view here. I will try to get hold of the latest PST marking sheets, which I assume will have to change at some point. Please note that I am not saying the PSTs have changed – just that I expect that they will at some point, because they don’t reflect the CCL headings being used (for example) in the revamped “check test” (now known as the “standards check”). At the moment, the PSTs and Part 3 are a little out of step with the rest of the system.

I’ve put this comment in because some prat on a particularly aggressive forum has suggested that I have said the PST’s HAVE changed. There’s always one idiot who looks for things that aren’t there. I haven’t said that at all.

Rest assured, if the PSTs do change to reflect the role of CCL in future – which I believe they will have to if consistency is to be maintained – I will get copies of them. How long any such change will take is anyone’s guess.

Thousands of people have downloaded these forms without any complaints.  You’re welcome.

The blog gets a lot of hits from people looking for the PST (ADI 26) marking sheets used on the Part III ADI test. In fact, this file has been downloaded many hundreds of times, yet I think less than PDF Downloadhalf a dozen people have bothered to say thank you – even though I know that it is very difficult to get hold of these from anywhere else.

You can download them by clicking the PDF image on the left. The file contains all ten PSTs, and they’re full-sized, so you can print them out if you want to.

The PSTs are also given in the Driving Instructor’s Handbook, although much smaller. But you can see what’s on them at least – which is really all that matters.

Just one last word on the “thank you” thing. If you have anything like the same approach when you start teaching real pupils you may find you don’t stay in business very long.